Management Team

Louis “Tiny” Paveglio

Chief Executive Officer

Louis “Tiny” Paveglio has 25 years of experience in the solid waste industry. He was recruited by current Chairman of National Waste, Mr. Teelon as Vice President of Waste Recovery to manage day-to-day operations and to focus on revenue generation and gross margin profitability. Within one year he was given a partnership share in the company and expanded into mining and crushing, dump trucks, roll-offs, a solid waste transfer station and residential garbage routes.

In 2002 Mr. Paveglio moved to Florida to become CEO of Sandland of Florida Enterprises, a landfill facility owned by Mr. Teelon in Holder, Florida. As CEO Tiny made many significant changes to increase productivity and efficiencies. After some restructuring, he increased profits while the downturn in new construction was hitting the C&D industry. He diversified to keep increasing revenue by trucking recycled materials to other various facilities saving airspace at the landfill while fulfilling the need for recycled materials. In 2014 Sandland became a subsidiary under public company under National Waste where he continues to hold the CEO position at National Waste.

Dali Kranzthor

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining National Waste, Mr. Kranzthor was the director of audit and assurance and valuation services at a boutique accounting firm in St. Petersburg, FL serving several large private companies and high wealth individuals. Prior to working at this firm, he worked as the interim CFO of a public company that develops telecommunications devices and services in Miami, FL. He founded a PCAOB registered accounting Firm in Tampa, FL and worked as a manager at a regional accounting firm located in Tampa and headquartered in New York. Mr. Kranzthor is proficient in valuing companies as a certified valuation analyst and has assisted clients in this capacity with mergers and acquisitions and tax compliance. He has extensive experience with both privately held and publicly held companies. Mr. Kranzthor graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the Florida State University.